PTA Meeting Information

All parents and staff are invited to attend the PTA meetings, and meeting minutes are posted here. However, you should know that only current PTA members can vote. Never fear, you can join the PTA or re-enroll at any meeting. Contact us if you would like to present a topic or question for an upcoming meeting.

2017/18 Meetings:

Check the Calendar for upcoming meeting times.
Meeting minutes will be posted soon.


2016/17 Meetings:


Purdy Elementary Budget 2016/2017 ptabudget20162017


PTA September 2016 Minutes September 2016 Minutes

PTA October 2016 Minutes October 2016 Minutes

PTA November 2016 Minutes  November minutes 2016

PTA  January 2017 Minutes January 2017 Minutes

PTA February 2017 MinutesFebruary 2017 Minutes

PTA March 2017 Minutes  March 2017 Minutes

PTA April 2017 Minutes April 2017 Minutes

PTA May 2017 Minutes NOT YET APPROVED May 2017 Minutes